Fall Class Listing


Tuesday Classes
Instrument, Singing, Children’s Programs

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4:00-5:30 Scoil, ages 5-11 Various BRIMS Instructors and Special Guests Scoil (scull) is the Irish word for school and is a sampler class for the young beginner. In Scoil, students will learn Irish music, songs, some group social dancing as well as participate in drama based on stories and songs from the world of Irish folklore and legend. Tin whistles provided; if students choose fiddle, they must already play some violin.
$300 (BRIMS Member price is $285)


4:00-6:00 Bridge (Marie Borgman, Fiona Balestrieri) Bridge is open to students who have spent time in Scoil and have become proficient on their instrument of choice and want to move to the next level (and, eventually into Trad). Bridge puts together sets of tunes and songs to be used in performance. Students learn to play as an ensemble. Students must also show good concentration skills, focus and cooperation with the group. First portion of the 2 hours will be spent in group music lessons for the chosen instrument. $300 (BRIMS Member price is $285)

Trad Ensemble

5:00-6:00 (Alex Davis, Augie Fairchild) Trad Ensemble is the performing arm of BRIMS. Trad maintains a fairly full schedule of performances of all types, regular attendance as well as practice at home is required. *Trad is FREE to anyone talking a paid 12- week BRIMS class and is by permission only. If not enrolled in another BRIMS class, the fee is:
$285 (BRIMS Member price is $265)

Session Workshop Class - ALl Instruments

6:00-7:00 (Alex Davis) Learn what it means to play in an Irish Session! In Irish Session Workshop Class, students will work on tunes and put together tune sets while learning about the specific atmosphere and etiquette of a real Irish music session. $285 (BRIMS Member price is $265)

Irish Fiddle

6:00-7:00 (must already play some violin) ages 12-Adult (Marie Borgman) Students who already play fiddle will work on Irish tunes and technique. $285 (BRIMS Member price is $265)

Dance for Performance*

6:00-7:00 (* by permission) (Teresa Williams) This class is for dancers with at least 2 semesters of dance under their belts. Students will work on choreography, form and technique for performing alongside Trad musicians. *Dance for Performance is FREE to anyone taking a paid 12-week BRIMS class and is by permission only. If not enrolled in another BRIMS dance class, the fee is: $285 (BRIMS Member price is $265)

Singing One-Day Workshop

NEW! Tuesday, September 25th 6:00-8:00 (Fiona Balestrieri) Long-time BRIMS instructor Fiona Balestrieri has a treasure-trove of Irish songs (in English & Irish). Fiona will also work on technique and ornamentation during this one-time two-hour workshop. $40 (BRIMS Member Price is $30)

Thursday Classes

For information on which dance level to choose, email to brimstunes@gmail.com or call 434-409-9631

Already know what you want to register for? Fill out our online registration form.

Tir Na Nog

NEW! 4:30-5:15 (Ages 3-5 (Note: class is 45 minutes) (Teresa Williams) In this very-beginner intro to Irish dance, students will dance, listen to stories of Irish fairies and folklore and do a once-a-month craft. No special gear needed, students dance in bare feet. $215 (BRIMS Member Price is $195)

Beginner Soft Shoe-Age 5-7

4:30-5:30 (Lori Madden) For the very beginner student and those who are age 5-7 and danced as Beginner last year. No special gear needed, students dance in bare feet. Please note: for very young 5 year-olds who haven’t danced with us before, we recommend Tir na Nog as an intro class. $285 (BRIMS Member price is $265)

Beginner Soft Shoe-Age 8-11

5:30-6:30 (Lori Madden) For the very beginner student. Students will focus on the basic building blocks technique and form of Irish dance. These skills will then be combined in an Irish dance for performance. $285 (BRIMS Member price is $265)

Advanced-Beginner Soft Shoe-Age 8-12

5:30-6:30 (Chloe Hellerman) A continuation for those students who participated in last year’s Beginner class for ages 8-12 or by permission. $285 (BRIMS Member price is $265)

Intermediate Youth Soft Shoe

5:30-6:30 Intermediate Youth Soft Shoe, by permission Teresa Williams Intermediate soft shoe for the youth dancer who has more than 2 years or more of dancing and can successfully navigate reel and jig. $285 (BRIMS Member price is $265)

BRIMS Sampler Class for Adults-age 14-Adult

NEW! 5:30-6:30 (Carrie Brubaker) Adult sampler class! Take all 12 or pay to drop in! This is a brand new offering! Classes will rotate and include: • Ceili Dance: Learn a fun group dance, minimal and easy footwork involved. • Irish Sets: Social dancing at its easiest, no footwork involved and low impact. • Stretching and Core: Build up that dancer body! Or just get a good, strong workout! • Crafts: we will post a list of upcoming crafts. Drop in price: $20 (BRIMS Members pay $15) All 12 Weeks: $220 (BRIMS Member price is $160)

Beginner Teen/Adult-Ages 12-Adult

6:30-7:30 (Lori Madden) For the absolute Beginner, no special gear needed, beginners can dance in bare feet or in other soft-soled shoes that allow full flexibility in the foot and have no heel. $285 (BRIMS Member price is $265)

Advanced Teen/Adult Soft Shoe

6:30-7:30 By permission (Teresa Williams) Advance steps and technique, by permission. $285 (BRIMS Member price is $265)

Beginner Hard Shoe

6:30-7:30 (Carrie Brubaker) For the absolute beginner in hard shoes. Must have some soft shoe experience! All ages. $285 (BRIMS Member price is $265)

Advanced Beginner Hard Shoe

6:30-7:30 (Devon Fraker) For the student who has completed 2 semesters of beginner hard shoe. $285 (BRIMS Member price is $265)

Intermediate Teen Adult Soft Shoe

7:30-8:30 By permission (Lori Madden) For students who took Beginner or Intermediate Teen/Adult soft shoe last year or by permission. $285 (BRIMS Member price is $265)

Advanced Hard Shoe

7:30-8:30 By permission (Teresa Williams) Advanced steps and technique, by permission. $285 (BRIMS Member price is $265)