2017 Winter / Spring Semester Classes


  • All classes meet at the Charlottesville Waldorf School.
  • Classes begin on Tuesday, January 17th (music) and Thursday, January 19th for dance classes. 
  • There will be an all-school recital at the end of the semester (Date to be announced later) at the Haven located at 112 W. Market St., in downtown Charlottesville.
  • Class fees for Scoil or Bridge are $285 (BRIMS members pay $265).
  • Class fees for 12-week,1-hour classes are $275 (BRIMS members pay $255).
  • 6-Week Classes are $140 (BRIMS members pay $130).
  • Scholarship available, please email for more information.
  • BRIMS is $45 for an individual, $70 for a family. Membership year runs September-September.
  • Membership in BRIMS is not a prerequisite for participation in classes. Click here to join.
  • There is a 10% discount in price for subsequent classes for additional family members *or* for individuals taking more than one BRIMS class. Discount is applied to second & subsequent classes (not overall total).
  • Special deal for soft shoe/beginner hard shoe class combo! For students taking any soft shoe class, students may enroll in a beginner hard shoe for a 20% discount!

Please email to brimstunes@gmail.com
call 434-409-9631 for more information and class placement.




4:00-5:30 PM

Scoil Sampler*
Beginners Ages 5-12
12 Weeks

Scoil (the Irish word for school; pronounced SKOL) Sampler is a class where young beginners can explore Irish music, singing, dance & drama in a fun and relaxed environment. Tin whistles provided for all; fiddle students must already play some violin. Space is limited.

4:00-6:00 PM

Bridge Ensemble
Ages 9-12
By permission.

For the older, more experienced Scoil student who is looking to further hone his or her skills and eventually progress into the Traditional Ensemble.  In Bridge, students work on tune sets, songs and song arrangements as well as general performance skills.   Bridge Ensemble performs alongside the Traditional Ensemble at many public events, so a commitment to some performances and possible extra rehearsal time is required.  By permission.

5:00-6:00 PM

Trad Ensemble
Ages 13-Adult
$275 (Member price is $255, or FREE with any paid one-hour BRIMS class -OR- half price with any paid 6-week class)

Trad Ensemble is the performing arm of BRIMS and performs at all types of local events. Participants must be willing to commit to a certain number of performances per semester as well as occasional extra practice time. By permission.

6:00-7:00 PM

Session Workshop I
All Instruments
$275 (Member price is $255)
Stu James

Students will focus on learning session tune repertoire, practice playing in a group setting, and transitions between tunes. Tunes will be taught by ear, but notation will also be provided as backup. All instruments are welcome and students should already be able to play some Irish tunes at a moderate speed.

Dance for Performance & with Trad Ensemble 
By permission
$275 (Member price is $255)

Dance for Performance & Ensemble is free of charge to any student taking a paid BRIMS dance class. 

Beginner Irish Tin Whistle/Irish Flute
Ages 12-Adult
6 weeks
$140 (Member price is $130)
Augie Fairchild

For the absolute beginner on tin whistle (whistle should be in the key of D).




BRIMS offers Irish dance classes for all ages and skill levels.  

  • We offer classes in soft and hard shoe (for beginner hard shoe, students must have at least one semester of soft shoe).  
  • One-hour class times start at 4:30 p.m. and on through 7:30 p.m.
  • Class times are based on age/skill level (so young beginners early, more advanced/older students later)
  • Each one-hour, 12-week dance class series is $275 (BRIMS Member price is $255).

4:30 PM

Beginning Irish Dance
Ages 5-7 - for absolute beginners (continuation from last semester)

Intermediate Youth Soft Shoe
Ages 6-11
Student must have completed at least one previous semester of dance. Please contact for placement.

Advanced Beginner Youth Soft Shoe
Ages 6-11
Student must have completed at least one previous semester of dance. Please contact for placement.

5:30 PM

Absolute Beginner Soft Shoe
Two groups: Ages 5-7 & Ages 8-11 - for absolute beginners.

Beginner Hard Shoe
All Ages
First time in hard shoes, must have had at least one semester of soft shoe.
(20% discount if also signed up for soft shoe class)

Advanced Beginner Hard Shoe
All Ages
Must have had at least one semester of hard shoe. By permission, please contact for placement.

6:30 PM

Intermediate Teen/Adult Soft Shoe I
Ages 12-Adult by permission
Please contact regarding placement.

Intermediate Teen/Adult Soft Shoe II
Ages 12-Adult by permission
Please contact regarding placement.

Advanced Teen/Adult Soft Shoe
Ages 12-Adult by permission
Please contact regarding placement

7:30 PM

Absolute Beginner Teen/Adult Soft Shoe
12-adult by permission.

Advanced Teen/Adult Hard Shoe
12-adult by permission.